Train luggage special

In cooperation with the tourist office in our region, the canton of Grison and Switzerland Tourism, it is possible to offer a “Free luggage transport” free of charge for the guests traveling by train in the whole canton of Grison until further notice. The offer is available as before on SBB special, we ask you to make use of it and book it yourself.

Unlimited Greenfees

With the offer Unlimited Greenfees” you can golf as much as you want on the Engadin golf courses Samedan and Zuoz-Madulain during your entire stay.

Highlights: Whether 3 or 14 days the all-inclusive price of CHF 225.00 per person is valid for the entire duration of your stay. With a minimum of 3 nights stay in our hotel for unlimited green fees on the 18-hole golf courses Samedan and Zuoz-Madulain. Book the offer as interested and pay the price separately as it is not included in the room rate.