Craving something sweet?

In addition to the classics, such as Engadine nut tart or pear bread, you’ll also find French tuiles at our hotel. Or, alternatively, our homemade cherry fingers, Zuozer Sonne (traditional meringue sweets from Zuoz), and filled Berliner doughnuts. We also have fresh croissants every day and different kinds of bread, like wholemeal spelt bread or our long Butterzöpfe, the traditional butter bread twists.

Engadine nut tart

The Engadine nut tart is one of our region’s specialities, a classic. We follow an old recipe to make our nut tart, and we only use high-quality ingredients. These include a delicious shortcrust pastry filled with tasty walnuts stirred into a cream and caramel mixture.

Treat yourself to a traditional Engadine snack by enjoying a slice of our nut tart. 

Birnenbrot (pear bread)

We make our pear bread by following our old family recipe that has been handed down through the generations. This rustic speciality is made with vitamin-rich ingredients, such as dried fruit, figs and walnuts. This type of bread is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee or some cheese.

Tip: Spread a little butter on your pear bread and savour the taste: delicious!

French tuiles

Tuile, the name of these crispy, wafer-thin French biscuits, means “tile” in French, as their curved form resembles the shape of a tile. Of course, they taste nothing like tiles. They are made of vanilla, lemon and almond.

Tuiles spice up your afternoon tea break with a touch of light French frivolity!